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"Weaving personal experiences with the principles of poetic structure and creative writing techniques, John guided the middle school students and their teachers through a method of blending language arts together with musical arts....  John also worked with lower school students, as well as middle school students, to use the musical arts as a form of self expression in addition to a form of recreational pleasure.
 This type of workshop helps students understand how they learn and provide a method to nurture students' strengths. It also provides a safe outlet for creative expression and presents an opportunity for children to understand that they are capable learners.  Success in these areas also helps children to build their confidence and self esteem.  All these factors are critical to the overall development and well being of all children, especially those who learn differently."

- Carol White, Director, Center School

  In the songwritng workshop John examines the art and craft of songwriting by involving students in the creation of an original song. These highly informative and entertaining sessions explain and demonstrate the creative writing process and itís stages of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Workshops are interactive and spontaneous. Past collaborations between John and students have yielded wonderful songs that range in subject matter from the inspirational to the hilarious. Whether it's a song about a school yard tree planted and cared for by students to symbolize their quest for knowledge or a Christmas carol about overzealous students decorating the school principal for the holidays, the songwriting workshop is sure to have students talking (and singing) for days.