A New School Song For Chestnutwold

Singer/songwriter John Flynn worked with third-, fourth- and fifth-graders to create a new song that will last for many years.

"Think of it this way," Flynn told the students at Chestnutwold Elementary School as they embarked on an adventure into songwriting. "What you are doing is writing a letter to the future students of Chestnutwold. You are telling them what Chestnutwold means to you."
Flynn then guided the students through the steps he takes almost daily -- the steps toward writing a song.
"Does anyone know where pearls come from?" he asked the third-graders who had gathered for the songwriting workshop. After a few correct answers were provided, he explained "They come from a grain of sand and, well, an idea is like a grain of sand, which grows into a beautiful pearl. We hope our ideas will grow into a beautiful song that will be sung by many children for many years."
The creative process starts with ideas, Flynn said as students began sharing their thoughts about their new school. The writer learned that the Phoenix was now the new school mascot and the school colors would be blue and gold -- the colors of the original Chestnutwold School -- and a theme began to develop -- the Phoenix rising, the shining blue and gold.
The third-, fourth- and fifth-graders each wrote a stanza for the song and the new anthem will make its debut at Chestnutwold's Grand Opening Celebration, Sept. 21. Flynn will be featured in a family concert beginning, 6:15 p.m., on the school grounds. The children will sing their new song with him during the concert. The community is invited.



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