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*From grown-ups..., sure !!! but what are kids saying???    

On a scale of 1 - 10, John was a 10 plus... the children, teachers and parents loved his show. Everyone enjoyed his awesome presentation.
- Mrs. JoAnn Waddell, Principal, 
Perkiomen Valley South Elementary School

A philosopher with a guitar

It may be because I am I child of the sixties--all 55 years of me--but I believed I enjoyed John's assembly more than any other that I have seen in 15 years I have been here...  May he continue to gift children with his music and teaching. 
-Flossie Chapman, Schuylkill Elementary School

To find anyone with word skills comparable to Flynn, you would do better looking in the literary community than in songwriting circles.  Simply put, John Flynn is a master of imagery, rhyme and emotion.

-Songwriters Monthly

John Flynn is an exceptional musician and artist. Not only does he listen to his own experience and heart in his music, but he pays attention to the hearts of his listeners as well.  Whether performing for preschoolers, high school students or adults, he strikes just the right chord in the melodies, words and stories he shares. He has been a gift to our school community because he has shared himself so openly and simply.

-Cathy Weaver, Superintendent of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington

John Flynn is changing the world one song at a time.
-Naila Francis, The Daily Intelligencer

Our John Flynn Assembly is always a hit with the students, teachers, and families! John provides a wonderful mix of songs that educate as well as entertain. He is able to keep children of all ages listening, laughing, singing and tapping. We eagerly await John's visit every year to see what new songs he has and to hear our old favorites. This is our favorite assembly every year.
- Kahtii Murtaugh, East Pikeland elementary School

To me, he's a poet; he makes music with words".
Art Carey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

If you've never heard of John Flynn you'll feel like you're a friend of the family by the time you've heard the last note of one of his concerts!  He'll have you laughing, crying, shouting, reflecting, and singing along in no time at all! ... You really owe it to yourself and your family (or students) to experience John Flynn and his music. You won't be disappointed!
- Michelle M. Sinnott, Music teacher,  
Arrowhead Elementary School

As a faculty, we are always in search of those who can invoke enthusiasm, enjoyment and education at one time. John's show certainly fulfilled all of these and more. His wonderful way with the students only complimented the beautiful music he created. The messages his music relayed really fit in beautifully with many of the ideals we try to teach here at Saint Joseph's.
- Patricia L. Johnson, Principal
Saint Joseph the Worker School

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