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What the Kids Have to Say

John Flynn thinks he's a little famous, but he's gigantic famous to me!-Zack

My favorite John Flynn songs are Popcorn and My Brother Ricky Is For Sale.-Jennifer

John Flynn's song, I Will Not Fear, shows people how to find courage inside themselves.-Terez

Kids crack up at the funny songs written by John Flynn.-Alyssa

John Flynn uses kids's ideas, like his son's poem, to write songs.-John

John Flynn's songs deal with feelings and family matters. Once you hear his music it will stick in your head forever.-Bonita

Every one of John Flynn's songs will affect you in a special way.-Kayla

Our entire school enjoyed John Flynn's concert at Delcroft.-Katie

Kids had a great time singing and learning with John Flynn.-Mariah

John Flynn is the best songwriter I have ever met!-Will

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