Real Audio

 by John Flynn

He takes off his old baseball cap and slowly bows his head
As thousands stands in silence for the missing and the dead
And when they've played the anthem and the crowd begins to cheer
He holds up a cardboard sign that says I WILL NOT FEAR

I will not fear
I will not fear
Say it in a voice that’s loud and clear
Sing it out for all the world to hear
I will not fear
I will not fear

She joined up because they’d help her pay for her degree
Her daughter calls her Mommy – to the Corps she’s PFC
Soon they’re shipping out so as she gathers up her gear
She writes a quick note home and signs with love - I will not fear


She shows the girl her boarding pass and checks in at the gate
She thought of canceling the trip but some things just won’t wait
She hasn’t seen the grandchildren in well over a year
She takes an aisle seat,  says to herself - I will not fear


The son of Arab immigrants,  he’s in the second grade
Walking from the bus stop as the school bus pulls away
Across the street some bigger boys yell We don’t want you here
He swallows hard and whispers to himself - I will not fear

And in this land of the free - in this home of the brave
The voice of human courage cries I will not be a slave
To the ones in shadow who’d see freedom disappear
Won't you send a message right now... say - I will not fear



© 2001 Flying Stone Music