Hey Vicente       
(A veces te vencen, pero no deja que ganen)       

by John Flynn

Benedict Arnold and Happy the Clown
Opened umbrellas as the rain came down
They waved up at me and so, true to form
I closed my eyes and stepped into the storm

Hey Vicente my brother your great
But we both left one over the plate
Oh Vicente I said with a grin
Sometimes they beat you, but don’t let ‘em win

Harry and Whitey, the Bull and the Dude
Lefty and Schmidty, and the multitude
Nodding at me like their heads were on springs
Watching that horse hide fly on red bird wings 


The Betsy Ross decals on their SUVs
Were all that once stood ‘tween them storm clouds
and me
When I’d gone before seeking blessings from God
Out on that roof with my old lightning rod 

But someone had already offered my prayer
And I looked around but the flag wasn’t there
So I sang a song to the rain and the wind
Then yelled "One more time!" and I sang it again 


Then, Oh dear Lord! how that rain did come down
Just for a moment I thought I might drown
I was chilled to the bone and soaked clean to the skin
But dried off on the towel that I would not throw in

Vicente it ain’t no good arguing calls
You’re hoping for strikes and you’re counting on balls
This cat left that hot tin roof burned but unbowed
Shook some and shaking each  hand that reached out

And down in the tunnel a man who’d been hurt
And written his only replies in the dirt
Said "Don’t make too much of your cru-ci-fi-ca-tion
Where I come from that was a standing ovation".


© 2002 Flying Stone Music