That’s What Friends Do 

Don’t be so surprised to find me at your door
I know you said you were okay but I had to be sure
You were finding ways to keep your spirit strong
I don’t know how it works here but back where I come from
That’s what friends do

Though your compass points to magnetic north
Sometimes you’ll stand at a crossroads looking back and forth
Some say play it safe some say play it smart
A  friend will be the one who’s asking you what’s in your heart
That’s what friends do

When you’re in a staring contest
And the weirdness doesn’t blink
When platitudes get left like unwashed dishes in a sink
And you need someone to  swear you’re not as  crazy as you think 
you are

A friend is there for you anytime at all
This world leaves you feeling kind of used up… kind of small
Sometimes we need to laugh sometimes we need to cry
Sometimes we need to love somebody without knowing why
That’s what friends do

2000 Flying Stone Music



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