Song of Friends  
                   By J. Flynn

You laughed with me
you wept with me
And trusted secrets kept with me
when scarecrow gods are swept to sea
And ocean walls descend
These  immortal spirits
will still sing their song of friends

Gentle ones I see your smiles
Though tears have dimmed my eyes
I wander paths in memory
beneath my early skies
When time was not my enemy
It will not be again
Eternity has written me
A joyous song of friends

I hear the song in morning prayer
I hear the song at night
When I stand with soul in hand
beneath that distant light
I hear it in the shoulder circle
of my growing own
I heard it most of all in all
the love that
you had shown chorus

Forever and forever
time is just a coat of paint
scraped and sanded by the
bones of poets and of saints
When inertia finally fails
this wheel in God we=ll trust
And grab our old guitar cases
and climb back on the bus

2004 Flying Stone Music


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