paint your money black               words and music by john flynn

now our mother's bleeding
men have pierced her heart
left the poseidon's children
dying in the dark

black clouds on the water 
poison in the wind
how much will she suffer
for the greed of men

light your lamps at sunset
build your cooking fires
she'll sustain your needs but
not your sick desires

freely given blessings
hoarded into bins
darkened tides anointing
flippers, wings and fins

crimes against the wild ones
who don't understand
self appointed gods who
rape the sea and land 

feckless politicians
let the cauldron spew
after taking questions
contributions too

roughened hands are idled
generations dreams
slip beneath the surface
we can't hear the screams

take your gold and silver
tie it in a sack
throw it in the ocean
plug your leak with that

shove your gold and silver
shove it in the crack
hang your head in shame and 
paint your money black

(c) flying stone music