Donít Just Do Something (Stand There)      by John Flynn

Itís what we do, ain't it?
If it looks worn paint it
If somethingís broke mend it
When itís bent, un-bend it

But when a heartís breaking
Or someoneís soulís shaking
And your bag of tricks is
Clean out of quick fixes

Donít just do something
Donít just do something
Donít just do something
Stand there...

Donít quote from renowned sages
Or Sunday school pages
Paths of least resistance
Will keep at a distance
The challenge of seeing
The whole human being
In all their fierce beauty
And your profound duty (chorus)

In the still and screaming silence
With the illness and violence
Where the cosmic joke is on us
Tears and laughter keep us honest

Whether itís deep sadness
Or borderline madness
Do not disrespect it
Or look for the exit
Stand in the breach, brother
Stand with one another
Your presence, sweet sister
Can heal and minister (chorus)
© 2014 Flying Stone Music