Buffalo Nickels    by John Flynn
He was sweating like a longneck in a Shreveport bar at midnight
Full of beer and Ďbout to lose his head
In his hand he waved a pistol like a blind man in a knife fight
Then he pointed it and fired it and bled

And the angel said donít he look natural
And the devil said donít he look fine
And the devilís eyes shined like two buffalo nickels
He bought for a Roosevelt dime

The land had been like Sarah, proud and oh, so stubborn
He lost them both a little at a time
The bankers took the one, his drinking took the other
All he had left for losing was his mind chorus

The Shreve Times ran a story about a suicide that took place
Thursday morning in a downtown bar
The front page ran a picture of a much younger manís face
Taken years before he bought the farm chorus

© Flying Stone Music