Crazy as Ever      by John Flynn
© Flying Stone Music

Iím just an old piece of hickory
Time is just Godís pocketknife
But years ainít taken what I need
To have the time of my life

ĎCause after all these years together
And after all weíve been through
Iím still as crazy as ever
Crazy as ever for you

My gold is the sunlight in your hair
My silver, the moon and the stars
Those vagabond midnight companions
That whisper your name in the hours
When all of the miles are lonesome
And all of my dreams still come true
As long as this road that I travel
Still leads my love back to you chorus

Darliní they say what donít kill you
Just makes you strong in the end
Iím not sure thatís true with a lover
Iím not sure thatís true with a friend
So thank you for not giving up dear
On this aging fool or his song
I know my love ainít always easy
But I swear to God it is strong chorus