The Dreams of an Old Man  (60th Birthday Song)          

by John Flynn

The dreams of an old man are simple and few
I donít dream of fortune or fame overdue
I dream of my children and their children too
When I lay this body down I dream of you

Donít dream much of people or places Iíve been
Or walk long back roads with old lovers or friends
Whose voices I still hear sometimes on the wind
When itís blowing lonesome and cold 

I donít dream about days when this world was young
I leave those old photographs right where theyíre hung
Too many songs left to be written and sung
And highways that still have their hold

Though shadows grow longer theyíre framed now in gold
As sundown writes dayís epitaph
Itís colors call softly a smile my heart holds 
Like the sound of my dear motherís laugh

The dreams of an old man are simple and few
And not so much different from dreams that he knew
When he was a young man and dreaming of you
The dreams of this old man are still coming true

(c)  2017 Flying Stone Music











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