Bells of Mercy           by John Flynn
There is thunder in our silence that is louder than the sirens
that go Screaming past the prisons of these on blind and bleeding streets
And it echoes in the hearts as those who try to make new starts
Come to believe what they’ve been is who they’re always bound to be

Let us ring the bells of mercy
May each steeple in the land
Sound with prayers of hope and freedom
Now with bell rope in our hands
May we pull for those in bondage
May we pull for captive souls
Let us ring the bells of mercy
Let the bells of mercy toll 

Say “You have not been forgotten, and have not been left to rot
In prison far from sweet redemption’s promise in some dungeon dark
We’re your sisters and our brothers, we’re your fathers and our mothers
And we pray for you and always hold and keep you our hearts


Say “You are not thrown away! No, you will not be cast off!
Grievous though mistakes have been, they will never be enough
to Remove you from the rolls of the names we hold so dear!
On the hour of your return we will welcome you back here”!
Like the banging of a gavel may the sound of those bells travel
Through the halls of every courtroom, every prison, every jail
Let them echo in the cells and at the very gates of hell
Proclaiming we may be forgiven for God’s love will never fail


© 2014 Flying Stone Music


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