Go Wake a Heart                     by John Flynn  
(Inspired by Kris Kristofferson’s song “The Final Attraction”)

Go do it gentle or go do it rough
It can’t be wrong if you do it for love
Telling the truth is the best way to start
Go sing your song, kid… Go wake a heart

Do it with laughter… do it with tears
Like all your heroes… down through the years
The band won’t need lyric sheets, tempo or charts
Watch for the changes… Go wake a heart

Strap on that guitar and open a vein
Bleed for the ones who sleep out in the rain
The lost and the lonely, the shackled and scarred
Once more, with feeling… Go wake a heart

Some hearts stop loving … and some hearts fall deep
Into a trance that’s more dangerous than sleep
Under a spell this world spins… from the dark
Step to the spotlight…Go wake a heart 

Howl if you have to…whisper and rant
Cure what you can cure and heal what you can’t
The night is like kindling… it just needs a spark
Go strike the match kid… Go wake a heart

Make every last show its own work of art
Go sign the canvas… Go wake a heart


© Flying Stone Music