The Circle of Love          by John Flynn

Ainít no love without freedom
Ainít no freedom without justice
Ainít no justice without mercy
Ainít no mercy without love

Fat man talking about bootstraps
While heís hitting out of sand traps
Thin man scrounging round for food scraps
While the car heís sleeping inís
Leaking oil from its valve seals
As the bankerís doing cartwheels
And the DAís scoring plea deals
As the choir sings Amen! chorus

Politicians flash incisors
As the cops pull down their visors
And weíre sadder but no wiser
As the world weíre watching burn
Will growing harder just to live in
And to find a damn to give in
ĎTil we wake up to what weíve been
Taking much too long to learn chorus

Itís the circle of love, may it grow ever wide
Until no one is standing outside

There wonít be no either or then
Weíll say both and maybe more when
What was lost has been restored when
What is torn has been made whole
I can feel it every day in
My old bones and my archaic
Yeah, I know it in my soul chorus

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