The Reason            by John Flynn

 I love it for the truth it dares my mind to seek
A way to say the things that some might fear to speak
And though that carries risks, don't pin no medals on me
Because if I had a choice Id do it for the money

I love it for the soul and spirit that it brings
The deep upwelling joy that comes to one who sings
The laughter and the tears that sometimes overcome me
I love it for the soul, but I would do it for the money 

I love it for the freedom it's taught me to hold dear
The chances i have taken to overcome the fear
Of being all too human and choosing to become me
I love it for the freedom but Id do it for the money 

Yeah that's the reason Id,  despite the ones who scoff
Keep singing my heart out and singing my ass off

 I love it for the heart that's strong enough to break 
For brothers and for sisters that heart will not forsake
When each and every time that push has come to shove
I turn these empty pockets out and do it for the love 

(c) 2010 Flying Stone Music