There’s No Them There         
 Lyrics and Music by John Flynn 

I want to …
Go where there’s no them there
There’s no us there, somewhere we share
What we’re given...  This ain’t livin’
and I’m dying to go

It’s more than intuition,
or a strong suspicion
A whole lot more than wishin’
I know it in my heart
Races, creeds and nations
are false separations
and we can replace them
with love it’s time to start chorus

Colors of the rainbow
bend together and show
how we can blend also
If we look beyond
the things that divide us
to what is inside us
May their beauty guide us
from this dark road we’re on chorus

From fear we’ve learned to cherish
and hate we’re taught to nourish
the light of hope may perish
if soon we do not find
a brand new way of seeing-
a brand new way of freeing-
our fellow human beings
by simply being kind chorus


© 2005 Flying Stone Music, All Rights Reserved