Blink                               Lyrics and Music by John Flynn

It starts off early in a sandbox
We blink as sand gets in our eyes
We blink up at the sun in wonder
We blink and somehow time just flies

We blink and we are in a schoolyard
We blink and drive dad’s Chevrolet
We blink and we stand at an altar
And soon a baby’s on the way

We blink and toddlers are teenagers
We blink and grandkids say hello
And in their eyes we see our parents
And in our hearts we miss them so

We squint and look around for  glasses
to read that some old friend has died
We blink them as our eyes grow tired
And all too soon  we close them wide

We blink like summer evening fireflies
Out on eternity’s front lawn
and though we vanish in a moment
the love we share keeps shining on

I blink in disbelief that heaven
has given me these precious years
with you and I will still be grateful
long after we have blinked…
back tears

© 2005 Flying Stone Music, All Rights Reserved

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