Hi Everybody,

Hope you’re all holding up and hanging in there. Things have been kind of crazy around here – in other words, getting back to normal a little bit.

Last Friday night, we held The Mercy Concert*, down at Mitchell Hall at the University of Delaware. It was a wonderful success – a triumph – musically and spiritually! (Is there a difference?)

From an individual standpoint, just sharing a stage with so many gifted and giving performers, and witnessing their exchange of love with such a passionate, and compassionate, audience, was a tremendously healing experience.

One hi-light for me was being up there at the end with Tom Chapin as we all, audience and performer alike, belted out his brother Harry’s karmic anthem, All My Life’s A Circle. Another was getting to spend the afternoon with Sister Helen Prejean. Sister, as you know if you follow this page, wrote the book, Dead Man Walking, from which the movie of that name comes. I met Sister’s arrival at the airport and we did a press conference together before the concert. She is a real example of faith in action, and one of the funniest people I’ve been around in some time. All the laughing felt good. I hadn’t done enough laughing recently.

When Tom Chapin introduced me on stage Friday night he explained that the Mercy Concert was originally supposed to be a John Flynn show and that I had decided to call on a few friends for help. Tom got a big laugh from the audience when he pointed that I didn’t really have any friends. One thing’s for sure – I’ve got some new ones now. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.

Speaking of new friends, I lost one last week. Vernon White, long-time manager of Kris Kristofferson, died unexpectedly Thursday night. Vernon had called me just the day before to tell me how much he and Kris had loved and believed in my song I WILL NOT FEAR. I only knew Vernon briefly but it was clear to me from just a couple conversations that he was really one of the good guys. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

May God Bless You,



* see Mercy Concert Photo