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New Beginnings-Next Step is helping David remove some ink from his face. Although he admitted that it "hurt like hell", he felt it would greatly
 improve his employment prospects.

Were very proud of this man, and his fierce commitment to
changing...  inside and out!

April 21, 2017

Hi everybody,

Hope this note finds you well! Let me start by offering my deep thanks to those of you who have made contributions (prayers count!) to the work of New Beginnings-Next Step. Your support has enabled us to continue the important work of helping returning citizens to transition form incarceration to freedom. The gentleman pictured above has been out of prison for about six weeks and is already working two jobs. I'm very proud of the progress I've seen him make and the great future he's begun to envision for himself.
Should you like to learn more about us, our website is

My work with New Beginnings has kept me off the road for a lot of this year but that's about to change with a few very special shows--

This Sunday night (April 23rd) I'll be appearing in the "Be the Machine" show at The Vanguard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (
This show is part of a great week of events to mark the Woody Guthrie Center's fourth anniversary.

On Sunday April 30th, I'll be in Cape Cod at the Singing Oak Series ( Then, on May 5th, it's back to my favorite coffeehouse, Steel City, in Phoenixville, PA.

The last couple weeks of May will find me at the Spring Gulch Folk Festival, and then back up in Great Barrington MA for the opening weekend of the Guthrie Center's Troubadour Series.

For better or worse, (and there has been some disagreement on this) I continue to pick up my guitar and raise my voice in response to the events of the day. My new song "Today I Am a Muslim" can be heard here: ( This song was written in response to the televised images of our Muslim brothers and sisters being detained without due process at our nation's airports. It (hopefully) evokes the same kind of solidarity expressed by John F. Kennedy's famous words, "Ich Bin ein Berliner". "Today I Am a Muslim" will soon be available via ITunes. If you'e listening with youngsters, I should caution that the lyrics include some (mildly) explicit language. I'm aware that some folks won't like this song. If it's any consolation, I didn't much enjoy having to write it. It is an honest expression of both my faith in God and (what I see as) my duty to a land I love.

Hope to see you soon!

Good on you,


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